I’ve worked with and around Eric for nearly a decade in various capacities and I’m yet to find another drummer that can match his attention to detail. Without fail- this guy will learn anything you give him, for recording or live gigs.
— Dave Gannon, Producer/Engineer
Over a period of several years I worked with Eric on a handful of studio projects where he was recording the drum tracks. Recording drums is one of my favorite steps in making a record, as I am a drummer myself. I always looked forward to sessions with Eric, due not only to his knowledge of tone and drum tuning, but also his passion and skill level that he brought to the tracks he played on. A lot of a drummer’s sound resides in the confidence and “finess” of the drummer, and Eric always brought an energy that was easy to make sound good on a recording. Eric’s a super hard worker, and someone I’d pair up with on a project in a heartbeat.
— Jay Deluca, Producer/Engineer
Eric picks up on the material comprehensively in an impressively short period of time, not missing a single beat. The performance was unbelievable and Eric is incredibly easy to work with.
— Alex Cohen, Vocalist / Fathom Farewell
Eric is a consummate professional. He always has an incredible attitude to try and contribute his best to anything he works on. His attention to detail is second to none and he is just an overall pleasure to work with. There are many talented players out there, but in this industry it is just as important to play with great people and Eric is the kind of musician you hope you get stuck with in a session. His understanding of theory and technique is only surpassed by his desire to create, have fun and his discipline for learning what needs to be done.
— Benny Goodman, Studio musician and producer / speak ez studios
If we were asked to describe Eric in 5 words or less we would only need 2, Pure talent. What an amazing experience we had with him filling in for one of our biggest shows we have ever played. Not only was he able to learn our material with ease, he came to practice fully prepared and it did not take long for us to nail the set. Eric has filled in for TFE multiple times and each show was nothing short of a fantastic experience. From being a super talented drummer to getting all of our inside jokes this guy has it all. 10/10 would recommend this hoss to fill in, record or play for any band. Thanks for being there for us!
— The Floor’s Embrace
Eric is an excellent drummer and a pleasure to work with. He is a professional, well-rounded musician. And beyond that, he is a fun guy, as well
— Tony Moureilles, Vocalist/Guitarist of The Northeastern Railroads
Eric Sheppard is an amazing, dynamic and driven drummer. Not only a master at his craft, but committed to making sure each project, song and rhythm section is perfectly executed within the piece. Being in a cover band can, at times, make one think that it can be an unoriginal art form, but Eric brings himself, his creativity and passion to make even the most known song his own. He is consistently prepared, at the ready, energetic, and a consummate professional. Definitely one of the be(a)st drummers I have had the honor of playing with in my 30 years of music.
— Haril Pandya, Guitarist / Red Square
Having had the opportunity to work with Eric Sheppard on several occasions, I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a drummer. Eric shared a mutual friend and came highly recommended when we needed a long term fill-in, on relatively short notice. He immediately confirmed his availability for the dates and set a practice schedule with us, to ensure that we didn’t lose any time. We were all incredibly impressed with the time and devotion he put into learning our original material. You could tell that Eric took pride in his work and that he understood the importance of these songs and their performance to us. His pleasant demeanor, professionalism, work ethic, and overall talent allowed us to proceed through a potentially stressful time without a minute of worry. We are truly grateful to Eric and would gladly utilize his service again, given the need and opportunity.
— Josh Schmitt, Vocalist / Hope Before The Fall